We believe a child’s time at school should be an extension of their lives at home.  As childcare providers our purpose is to nurture the developing child and work with their families. Developing and maintaining an open stream of communication with our families is an important part of our program so that we as a team may best serve the developing child in our care. Because of this philosophy we have set the following goals and objectives.

  1. Creating a community where the child and their family is valued and empowered.
    1. We offer parent teacher conferences 3 times a year, home visits are offered 2 times a year, and we have parent breakfast and social gatherings several times a year that allow our staff and families to spend time together and develop relationships with each other.
    2. We also provide links to community resources to help families answer questions that they might  have or to help provide services that families might need
  2. Helping children gain a sense of self, which is how children feel accepted and valued by the people most important to them.
  3. Helping children to take responsibility for self and others so that children develop habits and character traits that foster independence and self-direction.
  4. Helping children develop pro-social behavior that includes their ability to get along in the world and empathize with others.